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Monday, June 20, 2011

Quick Question: Next Blogathon

Well folks...I've got a question for you all.........

I'm planning the next blogathon as we speak.  I just wanted to ask you....

When would you be willing to participate in another blogathon?

I would love to do the next one in approximately one month, from July 17-19.  But I don't want to do it if it would be too soon.

See...21 people participated in this blogathon.  I want to see if we can get up to 40 for the next one!

That's right...40 participants!!

And yes...there will be awards...

And prizes...MORE prizes...

It is my earnest hope that all of the people who participated will come back for the next one...but if one month is not enough prep time...I can stretch it out until August.   Leave a comment or send me an email to let me know what you all think.

P.S. - Only 12 people have voted for Bloggers' Choice so far.  Get those votes in, folks!  It's close!  VERY close!


  1. August would be okay with me...you might want to schedule it toward the middle or end of the month, though because True Classics' Loving Lucy blogathon is in the first week of August.

    I don't have a problem with the July suggestion, really, but I think for maximum participation giving it a buildup towards August would be the way to go.

  2. I'd be very willing to partcipate!
    --Ivan (the other one)

  3. I'm ever at the ready, so whenever you say go, I'll go.

  4. Nate,
    Since you are putting the shindig together I will gladly participate again! July is fine and it ends 3 days before my birthday.

    Of course I would snark on a day old donut if coaxed enough! Will you put direct quick links to each blog next time though? Get all fancy?

    And when will we know the topic because you might get better feedback if people know what the topic is so soon. For instance if it's musicals you can count me out.

  5. Thanks, everyone. I've got another important announcement to make in a few hours...

    Page, if you tell me how to do quick links on blogger...I'll be glad to!

    Also...you should give musicals another try...

  6. I personally need about a month after it is decided which topic we are going with. Other than that anytime.

  7. Nate,
    LOL I knew you were going to ask that! Have I let you down before? Of course I will.

    I have given musicals a try and the ones from the 50's, 60's drive me nuts! I've never even sat through the Sound of Music but I don't want any crap from anyone over that little fact.

  8. Shh....Page...don't tell anyone....

    I haven't seen Sound of Music, yet, either.....

  9. What Ivan said: August would give you more time to recruit people.

  10. For me it really depends on the topic, if it's something I'm familiar with, then July would be perfectly fine, but if it's not then I'd need a bit longer.

    I will be participating whatever the case though...

    But I do agree with Page, quick links would be nice.

  11. I concur with Ivan. It would be nice to have the blogathon in August so that it can gain some momentum and some new faces. July is doable for me, though, depending on the topic.