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Monday, June 20, 2011


Well folks....I guess that with the sterling and unprecedented success of this blogathon, it's time ot announce the next one.  According to the poll, the winner is MONSTER MOVIES!!!

Coincidentally...I'm amazed that no one chose to blog about this Corman classic.  I mean...it was even on MST3K!!

This time around there are only two rules requirements to this blogathon....

1) The film must be from 1950-1959.
2) The film must be centered around a MONSTER!!

Oh...and did I mention that this time around...the film can be from ANY COUNTRY??


Also, in this blogathon, the definition of "monster" will be relatively liberal.  A monster can be anything from a hideous creature to an alien to a robot.

Awwwwwww yeah.

And, of course, monsters include deformed or mutated humans.

Now...some of you may be thinking that monster movies aren't worth your time...that monster movies were never good.

You'd be WRONG.

Check and mate.

Monster movies in the 50s were some of the most interpretively rich in film history.  Monsters represented everything from fears concerning Communism...

...nuclear radiation....

...to...whatever the hell this is.

If any of you have doubts about the genre, let me know and I will GLADLY give you suggestions of great films that you can watch.

People were curious if it would take place in either July or August.  So...both!  This blogathon will take place from July 27-August 3.  That gives us about 5 weeks to recruit bloggers, watch movies, and write.

I want to personally ask all of you to participate again in this great endeavor.  Also...let's set a new goal for participants.  This past blogathon we got 21 participants...this time...let's aim for 40!

I want all of you to contact your blogger friends or people who you think might be interested and ask them to participate.  Together...we CAN do this!

In the following week, I will post the official blogathon banner that you can all post on your sites.

And to answer your questions...yes...there will be awards...and prizes.

MORE awards.

And of course...MORE prizes!!

Also...because I'll be attending a new school, my email has changed.  If you are interested, or have questions or suggestions, post a comment here or send me an email at nch257@nyu.edu.

Well folks...we have 5 weeks...let's make this the best blogathon YET!!!!

Nathanael Hood


  1. What a great thing indeed. Coincidentally, I am spending the next few weeks devouring as many 1950's Sci-Fi movies as possible for an upcoming feature at Anomalous Material.

    Do we each get assigned one film like last time. If so, can I get Them!

  2. Excellent! You got it!

    Also...PLEASE...invite as many of your friends as possible!

  3. Nathanael,
    Monster's really? Well at least it's not monsters in musicals. Ha Ha I'm sure I can find a film during that time period to snark on. Once the dust settles I would love a list of some because once again I'm clueless on this topic. I know older monster films but the 50's not so much.

  4. Oh, Page.....

    If there's one genre that ripe for snarking...it's monster movies. If you want something ripe for your brand of humor...you've GOT to watch "The Giant Claw." This should tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about this film:


    If not...I'd be more than happy to give you some different suggestions.

    Of course...I'm sure that I could find you a movie that was both a monster flick AND a musical.

  5. Nate,
    Is "The Blob" (58) considered a monster flick? I have seen that one but it might be a bit boring. I need one that's extremely cheesy and just awful.


  6. Believe it or not..."The Blob" has already been taken! Did you watch the link that I posted?

  7. I just watched two different clips of it and that is the worst attempt at a movie monster I've ever seen! God Awful! I don't think I can listen to that squawking thing for an hour. Think of something that doesn't screech and look like a Jim Henson muppet gone rogue.

  8. Maybe I missed it, but is there a list of the movies already taken?

  9. Watched a clip of The Alligator People and The Giant Gila Monster. I have to say they potential. What have you gone and done? I'll be watching these insanely bad film clips for the next few hours.

  10. @Stacia

    Just two..."The Blob" and "Them!"



  11. Has Forbidden Planet been taken yet? I love that movie!

  12. Chris, it's your's!

    And, dude! Email me your vote for Readers' Choice! Voting closes in an hour and a half!

  13. I wanna do Curse Of The Undead, the 1959 Universal vampire Western.

  14. Awesome! Also I already emailed you my vote, you replied to the email so I think you got it.

  15. Hey Nathanael, has anyone snagged Tourneur's Night of the Demon yet? I would e-mail this question but for whatever reason, my Google account didn't like your new e-mail address.

  16. As you may or may not know, I do a regular weekly feature gig at the site Anomalous Material. Each one is a 10 Best list of some sort. The one slated for July 14th or 15th is "10 Best 1950's Science Fiction Films." About a week after that I will be posting at my blog a companion piece to that, giving a general overview of the 1950's sci-fi/monster genre (or sub genre if you will). The timing of my endeavor seems to be pretty much smack on.

    A great time will surely be had by all.

    And Page, check this link out.

  17. @Rachel

    It's all yours.


    That's awesome! I'll definitely be following that!

  18. Nathanael,

    I will do Invasion of the Body Snatchers if it not not taken.

  19. Sounds promising -- plenty of monster movies out there to choose from, though it sounds like my favorites are already taken. :-) I'm guessing that THE WICKER MAN wouldn't count as a monster movie, being more psychological than monster-y? Anyway, good luck, everybody!

  20. The Wife may try and bend the genre by arguing "The monster is ourselves" and other post-modern claptrappery, but I'm laying claim to Mothra.

    There's enough monster pictures that she and I could do two and not seem piggy, so I imagine she'll have one selected shortly.

  21. Don't forget -- I called Tarantula (1955) yesterday.

  22. Hey, Nate, Vinnie and I were wondering if the modern animated classic THE IRON GIANT would count as a Monster Movie. If so, we were thinking of making our blog post a double-feature, with MOTHRA being the first feature, of course! Will that work for you? Please let us know before someone else nabs it! :-) Thanks!

  23. For that matter, O Fearless Leader Nathanael, which films have been taken so far? Can you post some kind of running list? Please let us know. Thanks!

  24. You name my flick
    And I'll make it tick!!
    But give me a B
    So I can just say Gee!!

  25. Everyone, everyone! I'm thrilled that you are all so excited! But, please...let's wait until I finish giving out awards today before we start planning ahead! Everyone who has called a movie so far has been able to get their pick. I'll post a list of participants once I wrap this blogathon up later today.

  26. Okay, but just for the record, Team Bartilucci will do one of our double-features, in this case a creature feature: MOTHRA and THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD. On that note, we'll let you rest up from your Roger Corman Blogathon Ballyhoo! :-)

  27. I was totally thinking Cat People, but it's from the 40s, so I'll have to come up with a different movie. I'd really love to participate this time around!

  28. @Lauren

    I would love for you to participate! Let me know when you've picked one!

  29. Nathanael, I've emailed you, but I just wanted to offer an on-site thumbs-up. Thanks for the invitation; the Constant Viewer saw a lot of monster movies in the '50s.

    And remember, fellow bloggers: We may think we're ready for this challenge, but, as Eros so thoroughly informed us in Plan 9 from Outer Space, "All you of Earth are idiots." We have been warned!

  30. I am so in. Thanks for the link!

  31. That's awesome, man!

    Let me know when you've picked out a movie!

  32. Dibs on "IT Conquered the World."

    Also, I think Paul, same as the rest of the humans, is so stupid. Stupid! STYEWPID!

  33. You got it! I'm a little surprised that nobody picked that film during the Roger Corman blogathon....at least now it will get the attention that it deserves.

  34. Is Wasp Woman taken? If not, that seems to be the right sort of crazy.

  35. After careful thought and analysis, I would like to formally request my entry to be for that 1958 Rafael Portillo classic, "The Aztec Mummy Against the Humanoid Robot" (La momia azteca contra el robot humano).

  36. @JHeft

    That sounds awesome! Do you have a blog that you want to use to post it or do you want to use mine?

  37. @100 Years of Movies

    Nope! It's all yours if you want it!

  38. @Nathanael: This will be a good excuse to finally put something on my currently empty site, http://whatheft.com/

  39. I'm game. "20 Million Miles to Earth," "Creature From the Black Lagoon," "The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms," or "Tarantula" would all be fine by me.

  40. How does "The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms" sound?

    By the way, welcome to Forgotten Classics of Yesteryear! I'm thrilled that you're here and that you want to participate!

  41. Oooh, can I participate?

  42. Oh course you can! We would LOVE for you to participate! Just send your movie pick, web address, and email address to nahood@ursinus.edu.

  43. I cannot WAIT for this!

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