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Monday, June 20, 2011


'Sup, gang?

Well...the blogathon is over and it was an AMAZING success!  Many thanks to all participants and readers!

And now...awards and prizes!

The first award, the Bloggers' Choice Award, has been decided!  Based upon the votes of the participating bloggers, the winner is...

Congratulations, Page!  Your incredible review of "Little Shop of Horrors" got the most votes!  And anyone who reads your review will easily know why!  It was hands down the funniest review of the blogathon.  It was entertaining and hysterical!  Also, I'm sure that the goodwill that you gained by being one of the most active readers and commentators on other peoples' blogs was definitely a help!

You win the award, the banner, and...of course...$60 worth of Roger Corman movies!

Email me at nch257@nyu.edu so we can discuss which films you would like to receive!

And, of course...I think we can all chorus in with cheers of congratulations and SPEECH!  SPEECH!

Stay tuned tomorrow for the Third Place Winner!

Nathanael Hood


  1. Congratulations, Page. You earned it.

  2. WHAT? I actually feel like I'm being punked right now and Seymour is going to jump out of my closet and throw rocks at me.

    There were such great reviews that everyone put so much time and research into that I would never have imagined I would be in the running let alone win.

    But....As the winner I really should have gotten first choice of films for the next Blogathon so whoever has The Blob I WANT IT! Ha Ha Just kidding, I found another one but I won't jinx it before Nate's next big reveal.

    Who would have imagined that the LEAST knowledgeable person on Roger Corman would win?

    In all seriousness, thank you everyone who threw me your vote. I'm glad you enjoyed my take on The Little Shop of Horrors and for getting my insane sense of humor. It was great fun getting to meet so many bloggers.

  3. Aww....Page...you're too modest.

    You didn't get the most votes for nothing. You're a talented and hilarious blogger!

    I still remember having to coerce you to join in the first place! Aren't you glad that you decided to take the plunge?

    I hope that you like the banner for your site! And...of course...don't forget your prize!

  4. Nate,
    I love the banner it's great! And I'll have to think about the films.
    Oh, and on a film choice I'll need to be able to actually find a full copy of whatever I choose since I need screen grabs. (Might as well stick with what worked before on review format.) I've seen several trailers that caught my eye but there's no full versions via Youtube.

    @Kevyn thanks for that link, that helped.


  5. @Page

    You know...I could just send you the $60 and you can use it to pick whatever films you want at your leisure...or...hell...whatever you wanted, I guess. The point is you won $60.

  6. Nate,
    We'll figure it out. No rush and I did the Blogathon for the fun of it anyway.

    Going to go watch more really bad Monster film reviews before bed. The titles themselves are beyond bizarre.

    Thanks again for throwing such a fun event and having the nerve and passion to start all over again so soon. In the meantime I'll be back to blogging about my memorabilia this week.

  7. I am not at ALL surprised that Page's fabulous snark review was the people's choice! It was fantastic. Page, I had a very strong feeling it would go to you! I'm psychic! Congratulations on a well-deserved prize!

  8. @Page

    Sure thing! Take your time! I look forward to seeing your future endeavors!

    Enjoy your flicks!

  9. Oh! And Page? I can't wait to see that banner on your site!

  10. Many congratulations Page, your review was vivid and evocative and I aim to the film!

  11. Page, it couldn't have happened to a nicer, funnier blogger! Beaucoup congratulations to you for winning the Bloggers' Choice Award for your LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS blog post! Wonderful though all of our fellow bloggers are, Vinnie and I have become big fans of MY LOVE OF OLD HOLLYWOOD. All of your witty, snarky pictorials crack us up here at Team Bartilucci H.Q. We always have sore throats afterward from laughing, but it's well worth it! :-) Your LITTLE SHOP... post was your funniest yet -- congrats again, Page, and don't spend your $60 prize all in one place! :-)

  12. Congratualations Page on your well deserved victory! Your post was a refreshing fun read!!!

    - John Greco

  13. Great job, Page! Tale a victory lap!

  14. Congrats, Page! Hope the nice plant that Nathanael sends you is easy to feed!!

  15. HAHAHA! Leave it to Rick to come up with the best prize idea. Think what a mature Seymour you could have for $60? But I would insist that at least a year's supply of corpses come with it!

  16. Duh! I mean AUDREY JR., not Seymour. But then, Seymour could be the first meal...

  17. Thanks everyone,
    You're all very kind and a bit unbalanced which makes us all such a perfect fit.

    Being on Team Bartilucci rocks! Thank Vinnie for doing whatever he had to do to get out of the man cave long enough to participate and I hope he gets in on the next Blogathon.

    #Rick29 and Becky,
    I killed an air fern which I understand is virtually impossible so Audrey Jr wouldn't last long around here.

    Off to find a Monster film so the rest of you had better be scared! It's ON now...see what you got started? Ramon Novarro who?

  18. Congrats!! Page, I can see why you won. Your post was a full of smiles..

  19. Dawn,
    TY for the nice comments. I left you a response on my blog.