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Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Blog: Nate's Mini Reviews

Well, gang, I have a new blog!

It's called Nate's Mini Reviews.  I've noticed that many of the blogs that I admire do weekly roundups of all of the films that they watch.  I've wanted to do that for some time, but didn't want to clutter up Forgotten Classics of Yesteryear with my cinematic escapades.   So I started a new blog to contain them.

The reviews are short...only a few sentences long.  They contain what I think about the film and what it means to me.  I also will include a numerical rating for all of the movies on a scale of one-to-ten.

Quite simply, this site is a personal project.  It isn't made for anyone other than myself.  But if you want to drop by, read a review, and leave a comment, feel free! 

Here's the link:

Nathanael Hood


  1. Good idea! That is basically what I'm doing with my blog and its worked well so far. I'll definitely be following it.

  2. Many thanks, Rana! Your blog was one of the inspirations!

  3. RVChris

    Hey, thanks, man! I hope that you'll leave comments, too.

  4. Hi there, glad to meet you!

    -Lucas Mangum

  5. Howdy, Lucas! Glad to hear from you! Would you still like to participate in my monster movie blogathon?

  6. I'm going to check it out, Nate!