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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Blogathon Final Thoughts

Well folks...

It's been an amazing two weeks. 

I've had the pleasure of meeting many new, incredible bloggers and discovering a whole mess of films that I've now had to add to my "to-see" list.

This blogathon went better than I could have hoped.  My favorite part wasn't the movies or even the entries, though.  It was the people.  I have watched from afar, high atop twitter accounts, facebook updates, and comments sections to see new friendships being born out of thin air.  It warms my heart to see relationships break out over blog updates and movie reviews.  People, we've done more than just create an impressive amount of new content for our blogs...we've created a community.  It's a community made up of people from all over the world, from different lifestyles and backgrounds, who have all come together over a common love: film.

THAT is the true success of this blogathon.

I've been overwhelmed by the love, passion, and commitment that you have all demonstrated over the past two weeks.  Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.

Many of you have asked if there will be another blogathon on this site.  The answer is "yes."  Here's the problem.  I'm starting graduate school in two weeks.  I don't know what my workload will be like when I start.  Therefore, I don't want to commit to hosting another blogathon before I know whether or not I'll have the time to curate it.  But if I find that I'll be too busy, then the next blogathon won't be until May, when my classes let out.


If I find that I CAN manage my workload and have enough extra time left over, I'd like to hold my next blogathon in December or early January.  Of course, I will post the information for the next blogathon on my site a few months in advance so that we have enough time to write our articles.  And, yes, I DO have a topic picked out for the next blogathon.  NO, I will not be telling you all, yet.  I have a certain...how shall I put this...connection...that may be able to bring the next blogathon a great deal of attention.  By that I mean that my next blogathon could very literally gain a wee bit of media attention...at least among the world-wide blogging community.  It's on a topic that literally ANYONE who loves film can write on.  It isn't limited to any genre, country, or time period.  And, no...it isn't another "favorite film" blogathon.  I'll let you know as soon as I have more details.

Anyway, I just want to say thank you again for all of the bloggers and readers out there who have made this blogathon special.  I hope to see all of you again come this December.

Nathanael Hood


  1. Sound exciting, Nathanael.

    Grad school, eh? Film studies? If so, let me suggest "focused" blogathons. Let's say you're studying, for instance, auteur theory. You could run a blogathon with the topic, "Publishable Articles on Auteur Theory." Or maybe you're in a Post-Modern Film seminar; then it's "Publishable Articles on Post-Modern Film." Not only would you have high-class blogathons, your graduate studies and future as an academician would be greatly--how can I put it? "Facilitated"? Just a thought.

    p.s. The Constant Viewer does not endorse the cool crime of plagiarism. (insert winking emoticon HERE!)

    p.p.s. Seriously, though, all the good things that came out of this blogathon were guided by your gracious editor-in-chief-ing. You encouraged us, you made things easy, you exerted great patience. Somebody raised you right--or you figured it out all on your own. Thank you for hosting this; I'm eager for the next blogathon. (And best of luck in grad school--no matter what you're studying, it will be a blast.)

  2. Nate, you summed up the result of blogathons and how they've brought people together beautifully. Thanks for the great job you've been doing with your terrific blogathons! But put your studies first; we'll be here when you're done! :-)

  3. Thanks, Paul!

    My next blogathon is actually going to be a little bit more accessible than the subjects that you proposed. That doesn't mean that this blog and my graduate studies won't occasionally collide!

  4. DorianTB

    Don't you worry about me. I'll be fine. Thanks!

  5. Thanks for hosting and best of luck with grad school!

  6. The best of luck in grad school, Nathanael! And thank you for a wonderful blogathon. I think I can safely say we all had a great time.

  7. Thanks again for the blogathon! I'm up for participating whenever the next one is. Good luck with film school!

  8. Shucks, Chris...thanks a lot, bro.

  9. Good luck in your studies and continued fruitfulness of blogging even in the key you manage!!

  10. Best of luck for the coming months.

    Thank you for the wonderful experience of the blogathon. If we have to wait until May for the next one, it will be worth it.

  11. It has been a great great great time. Good luck with your graduate studies.

  12. I had so much fun, Nate. Can't thank you enough for doing the hosting duties. Great luck in your graduate work and I hope you do find the time for another blogathon. Your 'hints' sound most intriguing.

    Whatever it is, I'll be looking forward to it.

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