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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Editor's Note: A Trio of Silent Films

Hello readers!

Well, we are quickly approaching my 100th review! It's still a couple months away, but we are getting closer and closer every week!

Such occasions give people reasons to reflect. I, too, have begun to reflect over my blog and its reviews. But something struck me as odd.....

Of my 90+ reviews, only SIX of them were silent films!

This problem needs to be alleviated. So, for the rest of the month of October, I will be doing a trio of reviews on silent films. I've got some comedy, some drama, and, in true Halloween spirit, some terror coming your way!

Stick around. You never know what you may find!

Nathanael Hood


  1. Many congratulations on your centenarian home-run.

    Good silent movies gain as much as they lose for being silent--the best of them say things which talkies cannot express. Obviously, they require an extra dimension of creativity to communicate through the sounds of silence. I have Harold Lloyd's "Safety Last" on my Q.

    All the best on your literary-cinematic journey!!

  2. Funny that you should mention Harold Lloyd....

    He may be making an appearance soon.....

  3. Perhaps you would consider publishing your first hundred in book form? Congratulations!