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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Yes, yes...I know that I said that I'd wait until Wednesday to reveal the 3rd Place Winner...but dammit all...I can't wait that long!

Besides...it's my blogathon...I can change the rules whenever I feel like it!

Anyhow...now we get to the Third Place Award chosen by yours truly. And I have to say...I hated doing this. I mean...I thought that I'd enjoy it! But I had to go through so many fantastic reviews by people I've come to know and love! So...I have an announcement...This blogathon will be the last time that I decide the first, second, and third place winners. From now on...all awards will be voted upon by the blogging community at large. But still...we have an award to hand out! So without further ado...the winner of the Third Place Award is:


Congratulations, Ivan!  You get the award and the schnazzy banner for your site!  I feel like some qualification is necessary for why I chose Ivan's sterling review of "A Bucket of Blood."  For starters...your review was hysterical and incredibly informative.  "But wait," you say, "so were many others!"  Yes...many others were as well!  So what made your review stand out in particular?  Well...I think that it was innovative in its use of photographs and dialogue captures from the film.  You integrated them in a way so that they weren't just visual aids...they were literally part of the narrative that you were telling.  You would incorporate them mid-sentence and act as if they were part of its grammar.  In a sense, we were LITERALLY watching the movie as you wrote about it.  This was something that you could only have accomplished with a blog.  So Ivan, for your wit, intelligence, and technical innovation, I award you with the Third Prize!

I think that I speak for all of us when I say that I sincerely hope that you will be a regular participant in our future blogathons!

And, please...SPEECH!  SPEECH!!

Nathanael Hood


  1. Congratulations to Ivan as Third-Place Winner! His BUCKET OF BLOOD review was almost as much fun as watching the movie itself!

  2. Congrats Ivan. Your work is always entertaining and informative. Well deserved!

    - John

  3. Um...unaccustomed as I am to public speaking, I've decided to wrestle any individual in the room.

    Many thanks to Nathanael for bestowing upon me this honor -- I really wasn't expecting this kind of recognition, only that I had a sensational amount of fun participating in the Cormanthon because like it or not, Roger Corman's films were a large part of my viewing habits when I was but a mere sprat, a tradition that continues (I'm pleased to say) today. Thanks again for the honor, Mr. Hood -- it will be displayed proudly at Thrilling Days of Yesteryear!

  4. Congratulations, Ivan! It was a great post, as I commented elsewhere!

  5. Congrats, Ivan! I love your style of writing and humor, always have, and you made Bucket of Blood much more fun than it is actually is to just watch...you've earned your award and the respect of anybody with a brain! (Oooooh, that reminds me of The Brain That Wouldn't Die, a good one for the upcoming monster movie blogathon -- but I bet I know just which one you will want to do. Better hurry, or someone else might grab it!)

  6. Nate, I know what you mean about judging, but I don't think anyone would be petty enough to begrudge your personal choices -- it's your blog, you know what you are looking for, and we all have our personal opinions. Winning is fun, of course, but there is also reward to creating and having an audience that reacts!

  7. Congratulations, Ivan! After I finished your entry, I knew it would be winning something. Your writing always stands out. And considering your efforts to publicize both this blogathon and Nate's next one, as well as the frequency of your comments on everyone's entries, I think you've more than earned a banner and a few weeks of monster movies.

  8. Go Ivan, Go Ivan! (doing a really pathetic running man)
    As you know I enjoy everything you write and your review of Bucket of Mud (see what I did there?) was top notch.
    Well deserved and Congrats. I hope you'll be participating in the next Blogathon.

  9. Congratulations, Ivan!! a job well done.. I will be checking out your blog more often.