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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Blogathon Update

Well, great news, everyone!

We have 20 people signed up for the blogathon!

Just to reiterate, the people who have signed up and chosen their movies are:

Frankenstein Unbound – Chris Michael
A Bucket of Blood - Ivan G Shreve Jr (http://www.thrillingdaysofyesteryear.blogspot.com)
The Day the World Ended – Stacia (http://www.shebloggedbynight.com/)
Five Guns West – Toby (fiftieswesterns.com)
The Intruder- Jack Lunt (http://jacklfilmreviews.blogspot.com/)
X: The Man With the X-Ray Eyes- Team Bartilucci (http://doriantb.blogspot.com/)
The House of Usher- ClassicBecky
Tomb of Ligeia- Rick (Classic Film & TV Cafe)
Little Shop of Horrors- Page (My Love Of Old Hollywood)
The Masque of the Red Death- S.M. Rana (Onlyne)
The St. Valentine's Day Massacre-Tom (http://motionpicturegems.blogspot.com)
Tales of Terror- Jaime Grijalba (http://Exodus8-2.blogspot.com)
The Wild Angels- Ivan Lerner (http://ivanlandia1.blogspot.com/)
The Haunted Palace- Rachel (http://thegirlwiththewhiteparasol.blogspot.com/)
Boxcar Bertha- Michaël Parent (http://cinephiliaque.blogspot.com/)
The Raven- Michael Troutman (Jump_Raven)
Bloody Mama- John Greco (24 Frames)
Sorority Girl- Thomas Duke (Cinema Gonzo)
Creature From the Haunted Sea- (W.B. Kelso)
Tower of London- Kevyn Knox (http://themostbeautifulfraudintheworld.blogspot.com/)

Now comes the next step:

Everyone has to choose which day they want to post their articles. The blogathon will take place during June 17th, 18th, and 19th. People need to say which date they will post and provide a link to their site. You can do so by sending me an email or leaving a comment to this update.

So far:

June 17th:
-Tales of Terror- Jaime Grijalba (http://Exodus8-2.blogspot.com)
-The Wild Angels- Ivan Lerner (http://ivanlandia1.blogspot.com/)
-The Day the World Ended– Stacia (http://www.shebloggedbynight.com)
-GAS-S-S-S- Gary Cahall (http://www.moviefanfare.com/category/from-the-files-of-dr-strangefilm/)
-Boxcar Bertha- Michaël Parent (http://cinephiliaque.blogspot.com/)
-Bloody Mama- John Greco (http://twentyfourframes.wordpress.com/)
-Sorority Girl- Thomas Duke (http://cinemagonzo.blogspot.com/)

June 18th:
-Little Shop of Horrors- Page (http://myloveofoldhollywood.blogspot.com/)
-The Haunted Palace- Rachel (http://thegirlwiththewhiteparasol.blogspot.com/)
-Tower of London- Kevyn Knox (http://themostbeautifulfraudintheworld.blogspot.com/)
-The St. Valentine's Day Massacre- Tom (http://motionpicturegems.blogspot.com)
-Tomb of Ligeia- Rick (http://classic-film-tv.blogspot.com/)
-Five Guns West – Toby (fiftieswesterns.com)
-Creature From the Haunted Sea- W.B. Kelso (http://microbrewreviews.blogspot.com/)

June 19th:
-The Intruder- Jack Lunt (http://jacklfilmreviews.blogspot.com/)
-The Masque of the Red Death- S.M. Rana (http://smrana.blogspot.com/)
-The Raven- Michael Troutman (http://ishootthepictures.blogspot.com/)
-A Bucket of Blood - Ivan G Shreve Jr (http://thrillingdaysofyesteryear.blogspot.com)
-X: The Man With the X-Ray Eyes- Team Bartilucci (http://doriantb.blogspot.com/)
-Frankenstein Unbound – Chris Michael (http://forgottenclassicsofyesteryear.blogspot.com/)
-The House of Usher- ClassicBecky (http://www.classicbeckybrainfood.blogspot.com)

Also, I have a great announcement! As a kind of added bonus to the aforementioned awards that I will be giving out, I am pleased to announce that the first place winner will receive a prize!

The prize will be 3 Roger Corman titles of their choice! There are a couple of rules, though:

1) The film has to be in print.
2) The film has to be available on DVD.
3) Each film can not cost more than $20.

So we're looking at potentially $60 worth of prizes!

Anyhow, please continue to work on your articles and feel free to put up my blogathon banner on your respective sites! I'll be back in another week for another blogathon update!

Also, I will be posting my next blog article on Monday.


Nathanael Hood


  1. I guess tuesday 17th at http://Exodus8-2.blogspot.com

  2. Any day. Link:


  3. Nathanael,
    I'm so happy you've gotten such a great response for this blogathon.

    I will post on whichever day you need someone to fill in. I added your banner a week ago so all set.

    Link http://myloveofoldhollywood.blogspot.com/


  4. Rana, I thought that you wanted to change your movie to "It Conquered the World."

    Do you still want to make that change or are you sticking with "The Masque of the Red Death?"

  5. Thanks Page,

    I'll put you down for the 18th.

  6. I'm sticking because the other one could not be found.

  7. Hi, Nathanael. Why don't you put me down for the 18th? If there are any problems, I'm willing to switch around. I'm glad the blogathon seems to be going smoothly.

  8. @Rana,
    Did you try Youtube ? I've noticed quite a few of Corman's films on there...

    Your blogathon seems to be going very well!

    I'll post the 19th if that's ok.


  9. @Rachel

    Thanks! I'll put you down.

  10. @Jack

    Hey man, it wouldn't be anywhere near as popular if you hadn't advertised it on your site!

  11. @ Nat:

    I'll keep Masque only.

  12. @Rana

    Alright. I'll post a link for the last day.

  13. Hi Nathaniel! The 17th is best for me, and my first choice, but I could also do the 18th if it would help even things out. Can't wait! And now 3 Corman movies for the winner! Wow, the keyboards will be hot for THAT prize!

  14. Thank you! And, please, call me Nate.

  15. OK, Nate! Here's the link: http://www.classicbeckybrainfood.blogspot.com

  16. Many thanks! I wasn't sure which of your two blogs to link to.

  17. Put me down for the 19th. I still need to track down my copy of The Raven. It's around here somewhere!


  18. Alright gang, we're halfway there!

    Only ten more people need to designate their date and provide a working link to their blog!

  19. I finally decided -- Friday the 17th. The blog URL is


    Do we put the entry up and then email you the link on our day?

  20. Because of my intense procrastination powers, I have chosen the 19th as my post date. And of course, the blogURL is:


  21. @Ivan

    Of course, of course! Just had to be technical.

  22. The 17th will be fine. I'll be writing it tomorrow. I'll email as soon as I post it.

  23. @Thomas Duke

    Thanks man! Looking forward to it!

  24. Replies
    1. Well, the film is in the public domain, so you can watch it for free just about anywhere.