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Monday, November 29, 2010

Editor's Note: On Haitus

That's right, folks. We're going on a brief hiatus.


The fact is, my life is a little too hectic right now to keep up a blog. I'm applying for graduate school and have to write two papers and complete a college thesis.

I know this may seem like a bad time to go on hiatus. I mean, I just got a new follower!

(Hi Jack L! Glad you joined!)

But seriously...I need a brief break.

This site, this blog is MUCH too important to me than to allow its quality to dwindle just because I'm tired and can't keep up with the schedule. You, the readers, deserve better. The FILMS deserve better, too.

No, this is not the infamous indefinite hiatus that has doomed so many blogs and webcomics. Mark your calenders, because Forgotten Classics of Yesteryear will return on Saturday, December 18, 2010.

That's a promise.

Oh, I won't abandon the blog entirely. You may get a special treat every now and then when I have a moment to spare.

But until then, I hope you all keep reading and keep watching.


Editor-in-Chief, Nathanael Hood


  1. Hope you will land up in a plum school!

  2. Thanks!

    Perhaps I should mention that I'm applying for film schools.

    In a few short years, I hope to be a director.

    Only time will tell....

  3. Our best wishes towards fulfillment of your dream fly across the seven oceans.

  4. Such a shame! Oh well at least it's not for very long... I'm looking forward to reading what you have to say on these forgotten classics.

    And good luck with becoming a director, that is a dream I also share.

  5. Just discovered your blog, it's a goldmine! Best luck and thanks for all the articles!

  6. Well, thank you kindly. I'm glad you enjoy what I've been trying to do.

    I hope that you'll stick around until I come back. I got some interesting films planned...

  7. Of course. I bookmarked your site so I can read it regularly

    (sorry for the bad english)

  8. Thank you!

    By the way, don't worry. You're English is fine!