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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Report from the Los Angeles Film Festival

Well readers, I have some great news.

I have been given the privilege of attending the Los Angeles Film Festival!

For two days.....

To only see three films.....

I guess I should mention that I am only getting to go to the festival because I am staying with family who happens to live very close to the festivities. I will be leaving them on Sunday, so I will not be able to attend screenings for its entire week and a half run. But that's all right! I still get to see great works of art!

So for the next couple of days I will be writing short reviews on the three films that I have been privileged enough to see.

Also, our great friends at Cinematheque have agreed to let me post my three reviews on their site! So go over and check it out! Their address is: http://cinematheque.leithermagazine.com/

So, I'll see you all later with three new reviews!

Nathanael Hood
-The Editor

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